Various Japanese dishes menu which included seasonal ingredients mainly on "sushi, udon, tempura." Lunch menu is enriched, too.

Kamogata-tei Kamogata-tei, Kamogata-chaya Kamogata-chaya [Japanese-style dish, sushi, udon Japanese dishes]

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[Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei] Dog days day of the Ox eel kabayaki demonstration sale
We do it this year on Tuesday, July 25 for period! Dog days day of the Ox eel kabayaki demonstration sale! In Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei, we perform demonstration sale of eel kabayaki this year in the day of the Ox (July 25) on the dog days! Stamina perfect score! For material, sauce, roast...
Update day 2017/06/19
[Kurashiki-saryo] Comparing the tastes of carefully selected Japanese beef fair
We are starting comparing the tastes of carefully selected Japanese beef fair on Thursday, June 1 in ~ Kurashiki-saryo on June 1 for period! All become in a limited quantity. Under reservations! Good day, good seat, reservation of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays early. It is studio by visit of all of you...
Update day 2017/06/05
[Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei] New menu start!
~ Kamogata-chaya, new menu of Kamogata-tei started on Thursday, June 1 for period. In Kamogata-chaya Hirata shop, Takayanagi store, Kamogata-tei main store, "pot meal" comes up newly! "ohitsugo meal" is new in Kamogata-tei Ichinomiya shop...
Update day 2017/06/01
  • Kamogata-tei

    Main store

    5138, Kamogatachorokujoinnaka, Asakuchi-shi


    Okayama Ichinomiya shop

    129-1, Ichinomiya, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi


  • Kamogata-chaya Kamogata-chaya

    Takayanagi, Okayama store

    8-21, Takayanaginishimachi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi


    Hirata, Kurashiki store

    302, Hirata, Kurashiki-shi


We use sticky rice from Okayama in Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei using Japan and the United States in Koshihikari, morning from Okayama.