Various Japanese dishes menu which included seasonal ingredients mainly on "sushi, udon, tempura." Lunch menu is enriched, too.

Kamogata-tei Kamogata-tei, Kamogata-chaya Kamogata-chaya [Japanese-style dishes, sushi, udon Japanese dishes]

K-Corporation News

[Kora Honten] It is sushi banquet dishes to large queen crab
We hold sushi banquet dishes fair on January 22 for period whether it is large queen crab in - Okayama Kora Honten, Kurashiki Kora Honten, Fukuyama Kora Honten than January 22! Discerning soybean milk miso hotpot and many delicate, gorgeous dishes that we made use of charm of ingredients from hometown in to the maximum...
Update day 2018/01/23
[Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei] Valentine event
We hold "Valentine event" in Kamogata-chaya, each shop of Kamogata-tei on Wednesday for ~2 14 days a month on Thursday, February 1 for period! Gift which is wonderful for customer who had you eat visit during period after having Valentine ticket...
Update day 2018/01/12
[Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei] Pan fair
We are just holding "pan fair" in ~ Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei on Tuesday, January 9 for period! "Soybean milk pans of ten kinds of vegetables" which vegetables for day can consume with "sukiyaki low dining table" and one meal "yaki udon to like" using domestic black color beef are this time...
Update day 2018/01/09
  • Kamogata-tei

    Main store

    5138, Kamogatachorokujoinnaka, Asakuchi-shi


    Okayama Ichinomiya shop

    129-1, Ichinomiya, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi


  • Kamogata-chaya Kamogata-chaya

    Okayama Takayanagi shop

    8-21, Takayanaginishimachi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi


    Hirata, Kurashiki store

    302, Hirata, Kurashiki-shi


We use sticky rice from Okayama in Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei using Japan and the United States in Koshihikari, morning from Okayama.