Various Japanese dishes menu which included seasonal ingredients mainly on "sushi, udon, tempura." Lunch menu is enriched, too.

Kamogata-tei Kamogata-tei, Kamogata-chaya Kamogata-chaya [Japanese-style dishes, sushi, udon Japanese dishes]

K-Corporation News

[Kurashiki Kora Honten] News (strange of holiday, business hours accompanied with construction...
Thank you for always using Kurashiki Kora Honten. On holiday accompanied with construction, we will tell about business hours. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please forgive to customer. April 9 (month...
Update day 2018/04/24
[Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei] Seafood bowl Festival
We hold "seafood bowl Festival" in ~ Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei on Monday, April 16 for period! Bowl which ordered colorful seafood is exquisite. Please thoroughly enjoy extravagance only by this time. Kamogata-chaya, kamoga...
Update day 2018/04/14
[Kora Honten] We are absorbed in Aya in spring in clear and mild spring
We hold "in spring clear and mild fair absorbed in Aya in spring" in Okayama, Kurashiki, Fukuyama Kora Honten from April 2 for from April 2 to May 31 for period! "Straight dried bean curds" and "the body" which we spread all over freshly cooked rice. Only of Kora to put burning hot egg bean jam, and to taste...
Update day 2018/04/02
  • Kamogata-tei

    Main store

    5138, Kamogatachorokujoinnaka, Asakuchi-shi


    Okayama Ichinomiya shop

    129-1, Ichinomiya, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi


  • Kamogata-chaya Kamogata-chaya

    Okayama Takayanagi shop

    8-21, Takayanaginishimachi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi


    Hirata, Kurashiki store

    302, Hirata, Kurashiki-shi


We use sticky rice from Okayama in Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei using Japan and the United States in Koshihikari, morning from Okayama.