Doyo day of the Ox eel kabayaki demonstration sale Okayama, Kurashiki, Asakuchi

Doyo day of the Ox eel kabayaki store demonstration sale

We perform store demonstration sale of "eel kabayaki" in Kamogata-chaya, each Kamogata-tei shop, Kurashiki-saryo (Kamogata-chaya Hirata shop and joint holding) on Tuesday, July 25 of the day of the Ox on forthcoming Doyo!

※Demonstration sale plans from about 11:00 a.m. End time varies according to each shop. Receipt is possible until closing time.

Secret of eel kabayaki taste

We accepted net reservation and were finished.
Please expect in 2018.

※We do not deliver. ※On the day please pay the product price in product receipt.

Holding of 2016 was finished. Please expect next year.

The Doyo day of the Ox to Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei

※We do not hold in Kurashiki-saryo