Reservation is 0570-081-188


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Reservation is 0570-081-188

Hospitality of Kurashiki-saryo

Gorgeous seasonal dishes which treated seasonal foods

Heart is shop to be able to enjoy in space feeling at ease.

Meat dishes and bean wealth dishes Meat dishesTofu dish

Meat dishes and bean wealth dishes

With meat dishes which drew taste of material
Discerning bean wealth dishes homemade every morning in main
Hospitality that is the best with dishes of seasonal foods.

Space of relaxation Space of relaxationSpace of relaxation

Space of relaxation

In extensive space relaxedly
You forget time, and please relax.

Japanese garden Japanese gardenJapanese garden

Japanese garden

Garden which changes expression seasonally
A time of healing to enjoy in the background.



Seasonal hospitality

Fair for a limited time



Space of healing that we stretch out foot, and relaxing heart is settled down to.
Many dishes only by Kurashiki-saryo which we colored in seasonal material,
Without time passing, please enjoy slowly.

Western-style room

Space of rest to talk about happily against a backdrop of Japanese garden which imaged Setouchi.
Please enjoy cooking of irotoridorino season for leaving open in spite of being seasonal noutsuroio feeling.

Banquet room

There is available large banquet room to up to 100 people.
Please spend a happy time in a great number of people relaxedly.


We keep hospitality in mind,
We provide cozy space relaxedly.

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  • Party

Use scene

An unforgettable important time,
We offer hospitality heartily.


Auspicious event

Important knot of the life
Please spend with important person


Buddhist memorial service

We talk in remembrance of feature of past days
For dinner meeting after Buddhist memorial service


Meeting of the new members

We discuss the rights and wrongs in celebration of marriage of Ryoke.
True heart is hospitality that we put,
Please spend an important time.

Store information

The appearance


〒710-0003 302, Hirata, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama

Business hours
From 11:30 to 22:30 (order stop 21:20)
But weekdays (from 15:00 to 17:00) are excluded
Regular holiday
Without holiday (except the year-end and New Year holidays)

TEL: 086-423-8288

◎It is approximately ten minutes by car from JR Kurashiki Station. 1,881m 
◎We are fully equipped with large parking lot.

Free pick-up bus

Free pick-up bus

From JR Kurashiki Station
[nonstop bus] This of [reservation system]
We offer pick-up bus.



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