Fortune, forthcoming !! A lot of crabs of Kora pride were jam-packed
Kora Honten lucky direction sushi!
Of Kurashiki-saryo which also had favorable reception very much last year
1,000 shop beef lucky direction sushi!
It is during reservations this year!

Of the direction of the lucky goddess God who is good luck God controlling happiness and prosperity of the year with lucky direction living-in-; is direction to do. When it is circle or tries to be and does rolling thickly while remembering wish towards lucky direction of the year on day of Setsubun, it is said that we invite good luck.

A lot of tastes of crab! It causes fortune with good luck lucky direction sushi of Kora!
Let alone each Kora Honten of Okayama, Kurashiki, Fukuyama,
In each nearest KEI CORPORATION group shop, reservation can receive.

Reservation simple even as for the Internet♪

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