Okayama, Kurashiki, Asakuchi, Ehomaki of Fukuyama are Kora Honten for 2,019 years

We were sold out.

Please expect in 2019.
In addition, in Okayama, Kurashiki, Fukuyama Kora Honten, we always sell crab rolling thickly sushi.

As for the lucky direction sushi, crab dishes Kora Honten is particular about the subject matter in Kora Honten and is special dish which made heart. Lucky direction sushi which was fully clogged up with crab of Kora pride had favorable reception very much in average year and sold 9,000 last year. Ehomaki which is lucky visually which was colored on day of Setsubun by red and white in family. If it is Ehomaki of Okayama, Kurashiki, Asakuchi, Fukuyama, for 2,019 years, have lucky direction sushi in one of Kora Honten.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. Due to the stocking, some contents may change.

※ Lucky direction sushi does not perform delivery by home delivery. On the day please receive in each KEI CORPORATION group shop of Okayama-shi, Kurashiki-shi, Asakuchi-shi, Fukuyama-shi on February 2 or February 3.
※ Tasty meals and liquor Genki-mon should be handing over after 13:00.
※"Yakiniku House kamogata" is "kamogatachampon", and "Bicchu-Kurashiki Setouchi-an" cannot receive.
※"Yakiniku House kamogata", please receive customer of "kamogatachampon" in "Kamogata-tei main store" in the site.
※ On the day please pay the price in exchange for product.
※ On the day receipt window of Kora Honten may be crowded very much.

Popular basic lucky direction sushi which is tasteful although being simple which surrounded the crab body and egg, Kanpyo, cucumber.

Discerning deluxe lucky direction sushi of Kora which headed spontaneously, and was clogged up with the body and deluxe ingredients materials of king crab selected carefully.

It was said to be the origin of Japanese beef and used valuables class "1,000 shop beef" which had taste that was full of good-quality fat and flavor.

※With "delivery method" of order screen column, please choose "store handing over".

Ehomaki 2019 feature Okayama, Kurashiki, Ehomaki of Fukuyama are lucky direction sushi in Kora Honten!

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