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The latest information of each shop
Valentine event

[Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei] Valentine event

In period Thursday, February 1 ~2 14 days a month Wednesday Kamogata-chaya, each restaurant of Kamogata-tei "barentainibe …More
Update day Friday, January 12
Pan fair

[Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei] Pan fair

We are just holding "pan fair" in ~ Kamogata-chaya, Kamogata-tei on Tuesday, January 9 for period! It is shi with domestic black color beef …More
Update day Tuesday, January 09

[lucky direction sushi] You can receive in each group shop

Fortune, forthcoming !! Kora Honten lucky direction sushi which was clogged up with a lot of crabs of Kora pride! And we had favorable reception very much last year …More
Update day Thursday, January 04